Indie Music Marketing: Internet Radio

Benefits & Strategies To Getting Heard!

Your music is live on Spotify, Apple, & all the major streaming platforms but what other options can you use to get your music heard?? One avenue that is often overlooked by musicians is Internet Radio. According to AMW Group over 70% of music is listened to via internet radio with terrestrial radio (FM/AM) accounting for less than a quarter of the total. If that statistic isn't telling enough then here some other reasons why having your music played on internet radio stations should be a vital part of your marketing strategy.


Internet radio stations can be streamed anywhere there is an internet connection opening up a potential worldwide audience as opposed to local radio. This can be helpful in creating a more diverse fanbase and may even lead to gig opportunities in different markets.


Over 60% of new music is discovered via radio. Couple that with the fact that these stations have established, loyal listeners eager to hear new music and you have a more engaged audience more likely to take action with music they like.

Less Barriers to Entry

Internet radio stations WANT your music! One of the main reasons for this is that program hosts genuinely enjoy indie music or are indie musicians themselves and understand how essential it is for musicians to support one another. Most online stations have a submission portal or information on their website or social media accounts on how to submit your music.


99% of internet radio sites require ZERO monetary costs in order to gain airplay. Sure some will offer promotional packages for additional airtime but again most stations WANT your music as to keep their content fresh. If a station responds asking for money tied to a certain number of spins then you know it's most likely not worth it. Plus your budget is probably stretched thin as it is. Save your money for creating more great music!

Marketing Content

Once your music is accepted make sure you parlay your airplay into additional social media content by posting it on your channels. Additionally, most internet radio sites also have their own charts, countdowns, and awards. These can be on an annual, monthly, or even daily basis and are a great way to let your fans know they are a part of a bigger base!

So What Now??

Search for stations that actively accept music submissions and follow their prompts. This can be done on Google or on any social media platform ( Twitter is a great tool! ) After you listen to the station to qualify that it is a good fit for your music then make sure to craft a personalized message and include streaming or Dropbox links. Most


Copperstone is an Alternative Rock band from Pittsburgh, PA with decades of collective experience in the music industry. Copperstone music can be heard on all major streaming platforms.

Check back often for more of their blog posts sharing experiences and share with other musicians who may find any of these posts helpful!

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