Indie Music Marketing: The Basics

Updated: May 31

You've created the music now what do you do?!?

You've written, recorded, and produced the music. Now time to share it with the world! It's easy to get hyper focused (as you should) on creating great music however having a plan as to how you share it with the world is just as important. Here are a few key things to consider as you launch into what may eventually become music stardom:

Distribute Your Music

Releasing your music to streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, & Tidal is not as difficult as it seems. Music distributors such as DistroKid let you release unlimited music to these platforms for an annual fee. Other companies such as CD Baby have a fee per release structure or there are some that offer 'free' distribution for a cut of the royalties.

Selecting a distributor is an important first step so make sure you do your research and select the distributor that is not only reputable but also aligns with the vision you have for the music you have invested in creating.

Create a Website

In world dominated by social media, having your own custom website may not seem necessary however having your own custom domain gives you the ability to present a more professional presence. It will also give you more credibility as you look to promote your work as well as provide a space for fans to sign up for your newsletters & updates.

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Visualize Your Brand

Music is a business and fans are your customers. You need to give your customers something more than just an arrangement of notes to relate with. This can include:

  • Professional Logos

  • Custom Website w/ Engaging Content

  • Professional Photos

  • Music Videos

  • Custom Merchandise

Make sure you (and your bandmates) have a clear vision for your music as this will help you roadmap your content and marketing strategies.

Create an Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

EPK's are an important tool you can use to give someone a quick look into who you are and why your music is valuable. A few items an EPK can include:

  • Bio

  • Reviews / Press Coverage

  • Show Schedule

  • Links to Music

  • Link to Website

  • Links to Social Media Channels

  • Links to Music Videos

  • Contact Information

This will be important as you being to build a fanbase, try to book shows, or gain airplay. There are plenty of free templates online or you can always hire someone off a site like Fiverr to create one for you.

Don't have any reviews yet? Crown source them! Be honest but also be creative in your marketing spin.


This is just the beginning so be patient. It is a long road to becoming successful in the music industry and it doesn't happen overnight!


Copperstone is an Alternative Rock band from Pittsburgh, PA with decades of collective experience in the music industry. Copperstone music can be heard on all major streaming platforms.

Check back often for more of their blog posts sharing experiences and share with other musicians who may find any of these posts helpful!

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